Baterista da Nervosa, Luana Dametto, também anuncia saída da banda

Neste sábado (25), o mundo do Metal foi surpreendido com uma notícia postada pela vocalista e baixista da banda nacional Nervosa. Fernanda Lira anunciou em suas redes socais a sua saída da banda, a qual faz parte desde  2011.

Poucas horas depois, a baterista Luana Dametto também anunciou sua saída da banda com um depoimento nas redes sociais, agradecendo todo o tempo em que esteve na banda, porém, Luana também não revelou o motivo de deixar a banda.

Confira a nota postada:

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So, I'm no longer a part of Nervosa. First of all, I would like to say that I'm extremely glad for everything I got to experience with this band, for the amazing places I've seen on tours, for everything I learned in the past years, for the opportunities that it gave me, but mainly, I'm extremely thankful for all YOUR support since I joined this band. I got to know many of you in person around the world, and there is nothing more precious to me than your support, I can't put into words how glad I am. Overall, it's time for me to move on. I believe that for everything we (people) work with, we need to put our hearts into it and do our best, and when the excitement is not the same anymore, for whatever reason it may be, I don't think it would be honest to keep doing it anymore, it wouldn't be honest with me, and neither with you, that has been following my trajectory. It's not like I just decided that I wouldn't like to be part of it anymore, of course I have personal reasons and this is a tough decision, but these reasons will remain personal. I know many many of you are gonna be sad, but overall and with time, I hope you understand it. I wanna make clear that I will absolutely not quit playing or anything like that, I've been playing for over 10 years now and it's not in my life plans to stop, but I will move on, start a new project where I can put my heart, soul and ideals into it. I also wanna make clear that my new projects (the ones I started and the ones I will start) didn't affect in this decision or in the way I have been feeling about it. Everything is gonna be fine, every one of us will follow a different path that can make us happier. I wish the best luck for Nervosa, and I will always be glad for the good moments we had, all I've learned and how much it was part of my history. That's all for now. ❤ Desculpem a falta de português aqui, o Instagram infelizmente não permite mais texto, mas postei em português no facebook também.

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Luana Dametto vem de uma leva de bateristas da forte cena de Metal Extremo do Rio Grande do Sul. Entrou na banda Nervosa em 2017 e desde então vinham conquistando o mundo com um Thrash Metal potente.

A banda Nervosa se apresenta no Kool Metal Fest, no Carioca Club, na noite de domingo, dia 10 de novembro, em São Paulo.

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A banda Nervosa se apresenta no Kool Metal Fest, no Carioca Club, na noite de domingo, dia 10 de novembro, em São Paulo.