Recentemente anunciada para tocar com as brasileiras do Crypta, a guitarrista Sonia Anubis deixa a banda Burning Witches

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A banda suíça de heavy metal Burning Witches anunciou oficialmente hoje em suas redes sociais que a guitarrista holandesa Sonia Anubis deixou o grupo. Sonia recentemente juntou-se às ex-integrantes do Nervosa, Fernanda Lira e Luana Dametto, para formar sua nova banda Crypta.
“Sonia nos deixou para seu novo projeto. Vimos isso chegando e temos que aceitar. As pessoas mudam e as pessoas seguem em frente. Desejamos a ela tudo de bom!”, dizia um trecho do comunicado.

Sonia “Anubis” Nuddelder também comentou neste domingo (24) sua saída em suas redes sociais dizendo:

“Caros fãs,

Por razões pessoais e com muita deliberação, eu decidi me dedicar totalmente ao Crypta e ao Cobra Spell e decidi deixar Burning Witches.
Os últimos 2,5 anos foram cheios de experiências incríveis e inestimáveis. Isso fez com que muitos dos meus sonhos se tornassem realidade e sempre coloquei toda a minha paixão e amor pela música nela. Essa jornada também abriu muitas portas para novos desafios que estou ansiosa demais para realizá-los. Como começar minhas próprias bandas, escrever minha própria música e ir além.
Estou extremamente agradecida por minha querida família, amigos e, claro, por todos os fãs maravilhosos pelo imenso apoio. Agradeço profundamente à banda e ao manager pelos fantásticos momentos de concerto/palco, como tocar no Wacken, Sweden Rock, Summer Breeze. … e a lista continua, viajando pelo mundo, fazendo parte de dois fantásticos álbuns completos do BURNING WITCHES que eu sempre vou me orgulhar.
Esta foi uma decisão muito difícil, mas às vezes você não pode perseguir um sonho maior, sem desistir de um sonho significativo em troca. Vou continuar meu caminho musical com total paixão pela música e pelos fãs! Este é apenas o começo.!
O lançamento de estreia do Cobra Spell (heavy metal) será lançado ainda este ano. E o anúncio da formação será em breve nos próximos dias. Então, por favor, fique atento! Além disso, é claro, fique atento a outras notícias com o Crypta (death metal), acabamos de revelar a formação! “

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~ I'm leaving Burning Witches ~ Dear fans, For personal reasons and with a lot of deliberation, I have decided to fully dedicate myself to CRYPTA and COBRA SPELL and to leave BURNING WITCHES. The last 2,5 years were FULL of amazing and priceless experiences, it made many of my dreams become reality and I always put all my passion and love for music into it. This journey also opened many doors for new challenges that I am overly anxious to pursue. Such as starting my own bands, writing my own music and push that further. I am extremely thankful for my my dear family, friends and of course all the wonderful fans for the immense support. I deeply thank the band and the management for the fantastic concert/stage moments such as playing at WACKEN, Sweden Rock, Summer Breeze… and the list goes on, traveling the world, being part of 2 fantastic BURNING WITCHES full-length albums that I will for ever look up to. This is was a very hard decision, but sometimes you can’t pursue a bigger dream, without giving up a meaningful one in return. I will continue my musical path with full passion for music and for the fans! This is just the beginning! ❤️ The debut release of COBRA SPELL (heavy metal) will be released later this year. And the line-up announcement will very soon this coming days. So please, stay tuned! Also, of course stay tuned to further news with CRYPTA (death metal), we just released the line-up! CRYPTA: @cryptadeath COBRA SPELL: @cobraspell I wish BURNING WITCHES all the very best of success! Much love, Sonia Anubis PS: Thank you so much everyone for your positive words, it is really an extremely hard time, i’ve never been through something like this. Maybe one of my hardest choices in life. I don’t take this lightly… Just want to make sure, my new bands were not the main reason why I left. Repeating: This side-bands were existent for over a year… Personal reasons and indifferences in the band lead to this decision. And for that, my path really had to take a different direction from their path. . . . #newbeginning #freshstart #cobraspell #crypta

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MANY SAW IT COMING: SONIA HAS LEFT THE BURNING WITCHES! Yes, indeed to keep a girl band together is more difficult than we thought. Nobody wanted to sign us as a band, with the argument that woman-bands do not last. Well it seems THAT Curse is real! But we will NOT give up! Sonia has left us for her new project. We saw this coming and we have to accept it. People change and people move on. We wish her all the best! For us as a Band this means we have to work harder. We will continue our path and will of course look for a new Witch! But first of all, this Friday, we will have a LIVE JAM with some amazing girls and friends. More news on Wednesday! Please stay tuned! We will take our time to search and announce the new lead player, please understand we are as shocked as you are. We will use the Corona-times useful, to choose the right person for our lead guitarist position. The backbone of the band will remain strong, in friendship and musically. We are already working on new songs and are TOP motivated to return on stage. We want to thank all the fans for the amazing support and will keep you posted about our future moves! Stay positive! It sounds like a cliché but it was never more meaningful than now: WE ARE READY TO FIGHT!!!🤘🤘🤘 Romana wants to add the following: “Beloved BURNING WITCHES fans, we are certainly sad about the decision of Sonia to leave us, but at the same time I am more encouraged and I look forward with pride to our future shows and the next challenges! We have an outstanding team together, so you don‘t have to worry, we are gonna give our very best! Thank you all so much for understanding and trusting us, only the one who is wholeheartedly dedicated to the band is a real WITCH!” As we can not fit all text here, please read Sonias statement on her Instagram! The BURNING WITCHES will of course continue- check in next Friday May 29th for a ,, Live from the Studio" session with guests!

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Sonia em cartaz de anúncio da formação da banda Crypta com as brasileiras Tainá Bergamaschi, Fernanda Lira e Luana Dametto


Sonia em cartaz de anúncio da formação da banda Crypta com as brasileiras Tainá Bergamaschi, Fernanda Lira e Luana Dametto